7SEEDS 4 Yumi Tamura

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7SEEDS 4  by  Yumi Tamura

7SEEDS 4 by Yumi Tamura
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Ah wow...Basically, we start out with 5 people since 3 of the kids didnt thaw well (And when you see their pictures at the back, you actually feel like you knew them...that was probably most heart-breaking for me. You never get to meet them, but you know they had lives and things they liked...so sad). Then soon after, a tiger kills the GUIDE (Well, now you know that theyre screwed), and the other kid who didnt seem too bad but of course...he died too.

Now youre left with our main three. They survive for a while and two of them fall in love. Oh, but whats this? The TIGER! Wooo! So far, its eaten 5/8 of the group, lets see who else itll conquer. Fabuki! Oh joy. I REALLY liked him.

He was the best friend and he gave him courage and hope and made him believe in himself through baseball--they were like brothers in my opinion. The girl...well, she died quite sadly, dancing that dance because she finally knew the pain. And she died saving our main dude, so at least theres that. But man, it was SAD. This volume was tragedy after tragedy!I give it four stars because it was moving, beautiful of course, and Im glad we get to meet some of the other team...well, the last surviving team member, so I hope he plays a nice part in the book, and I hope I see him and the wolf cubs later on ^.^

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